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Over the past 5 years, clients have outperformed their competition, increased sales and profits, and boosted market share… even for brands that were previously in decline.

Here is what our clients have to say:

“I wanted you to know that my VP again mentioned that he was impressed by the marketing mix optimization project and the buzz it has created in the organization!! So, we should feel very good about how this went! Anyways, thanks for really partnering with me on this.”

Director of Marketing Investments, Novo Nordisk

“I’m glad to see your team is on Def Con One.”

Market Research Manager, Shire

“You have very seriously developed over the last year or so. I will try to think of new ways to improve a very good product - not easy!”

Director of Sales and Marketing, Roche

“I think your key competitive advantages compared to all the consultants we have used for models before is that you don’t take up much of our time and get us everything we need faster than anyone else – and it works.”

Country CEO, Bayer

“Your System allowed us all to fully understand just how our overall company and its brands were perceived versus our competitors, and what we were required to do in order to grow. Importantly, having a tool available that allowed us to predict whether or not our market share would grow or decline was invaluable as it allowed us, for the first time, to realistically evaluate our efforts and investments.”

Country CEO, AstraZeneca

“Provides a level of insight which has been difficult to obtain using existing tools. The team was impressed by its ability to predict market share movements based on mix investment decisions.”

Marketing Director, GSK

“The analysis provided turned out to be highly accurate and very effective for increasing prescriptions in the order predicted by the marketing mix analysis.”

Global Product Manager, Merck

“The predicted results of market dynamics are remarkably close to reality and implementation of her recommendations has proven to be very successful. I would recommend them to any Pharmaceutical company attempting to analyze how to prioritize resources across portfolios.”

Group Product Manager, Boehringer Ingelheim

“Powerful stuff. In my 20 years of marketing, I have never seen such valuable data on my drug brands.”

Specialist Team Leader, Pfizer

“Your team seems as organized and resourced as one could possibly hope for. You are an indomitable machine. Thanks for all your and your team’s efforts.”

International Market Research Manager, Shire

“Eularis is the only Pharmaceutical analytics firm I rate as worth the investment.”

Head of Business Analytics, Merck

“As you know, all of the promotional material was changed to reflect the findings of the analytics. For brand 1 the material … was completely redeveloped with a balance of the two main messages as recommended. The product is now growing at about 16% despite being flat previously. The whole experience for our team was great and we are now thinking about next time. We are enthused to try and look at city vs. rural Drs. - something to think about.”

Country CEO, Boehringer Ingelheim

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