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AI Applications in Pharma Today

Imagine you are in the year 2037 and anything you want to do with AI is possible. How would you use that to really redefine how you interact with your customers? What would be your first projects on your ‘to do’ list? Interestingly, when I ask my pharma clients that question, some of the things they come up with actually are already not only possible, but we are already doing them with clients today.


The Future of Healthcare Marketing Is Now - And It’s Personal

With all that is going on in the intersection of healthcare and artificial intelligence now, it is probably a good time to consider where healthcare marketing is now for some. Everyone is familiar with the applications of Artificial Intelligence in self-driving cars, Echo and Alexa, smart homes, Siri and more - but what does all this mean for healthcare and what are some of the things that healthcare marketers are doing with it already? 1. Personalized content and channels via Next Best Action (NBA) Modelling


For Real Customer Centricity, Utilize AI to Engage People – Not Personas

Although there is a lot of lip service about being customer centric and patient centric, and everyone has a customer journey map for their patients and physicians, but how valid is it for their customers? Each of your target customers (be it payers, physicians or patients) will come to your brand in a different sequence of touchpoints, and this sequence will differ from person to person.


Fake News? What About Fake Clinical Data in Medical Journals? Does Artificial Intelligence Have a Role?

Fake news has been in the public eye due to the spread of the phenomenon during the recent US election. The impact of fake news can be significant. However, have you ever considered the impact of fake clinical data being published in medical journals? This can be as alarming as people’s lives can be put at risk due to it.


Are you Utilizing the Power of Next Best Action Modeling?

Would you like a powerful alternative to traditional push marketing? One that helps your customers find the information they want in the channel they want at the time they want it? If you’re like most marketers, your answer is, “Yes!” You can think of Next Best Action Modeling as a customer-centric approach that helps your customers take the “next best action” after they complete one action.


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