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With much focus in Pharmaceutical marketing currently on digital, it is interesting to see, in a recent study conducted by Cegedim, that doctors still prefer a mix of traditional reps and digital contact prior to choosing a drug to prescribe. The study was conducted in 13 countries including US, Japan, Brazil and China.

Interestingly, they found that 34% of digital interactions - including emails and webinars - influenced prescriptions in Japan, while in the US this was only 24%. In many other markets such as France, Canada, Spain and Germany, the influence was significantly less, with Germany only having a 5% digital influence on prescribing behavior.

This is not to say digital influence is not as relevant but simply that Pharma have failed to understand how their customer journey has changed in the new digital world and are still creating piecemeal approaches rather than a proper digital strategy.

In the meantime, sales reps are still playing an integral role in Pharma marketing until digital marketers get their act together. What is important is equipping these reps with the right tools to ensure that they maximize their sales visits.

Sales reps spend 24% of their time searching for data as they are expected to be more knowledgeable than ever to earn face time with their customers. Teams want sales reps to know exactly what messages are needed for individual HCPs to convert to their brand and to prevent them from switching to other competitors.

By increasing the precision of your sales messaging, you can ensure that you provide the right message to the right customer at the right time, giving each customer the precise messages to influence them specifically towards your brand.

By collecting all data from the CRM system / other data systems, and social listening and market research data, collating that and applying Artificial Intelligence, you can deliver the optimal message, per target, right into the sales reps’ laptops/tablets/iPads. This will strengthen the healthcare professionals’ relationships with your reps by communicating tailored messages to these reps that match the needs of individual HCPs and accelerate performance, with insights-driven customer relationships.

Eularis are now mastering this approach for our clients and are able to deliver what is needed for a specific HCP right in your rep’s CRM system, and on their tablet/laptop, so that the sales rep achieves insights on exactly what topics will move that HCP towards a specific brand. But… we don’t stop there.

Suggestions are one thing, but how does the rep know which detail aid pages are best for those suggestions? Eularis have now taken this one step further. Because many teams leave their sales rep to choose what pages out of the detail aid the individual HCPs should be shown, it is obvious that there could be biases towards what the rep is most comfortable discussing, or what the sales rep feels is most important, and these may differ from the messages that would influence that HCP the most.

The Eularis Suggestion Engine approach can now deliver the actual customized detail aid that will influence a specific HCP right in a rep’s CRM system and on their tablet/laptop. Not only does the sales rep gain insight on exactly what topics will move that customer, but the system will also pull up the right pages from the detail aids to deliver the exact combination of messages required to influence that specific HCP at that time.

By choosing the detail aid pages mathematically using Artificial Intelligence for that specific HCP, sales results will be far superior than leaving it up to the sales rep, which will enable you to gain a reliable boost in your sales results.

Sales reps using the Eularis Suggestion Engine approach have achieved increases of 20-40% in sales typically (recently one of our clients achieved an increase of 43%), and at times of launch or market change, a strong positive impact on sales has been established from this alone.

Are you giving your reps the right tools to help them succeed or are you leaving their results to chance?

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